It’s Simple. Act with Kindness.


Everyone needs food, clothing and shelter. Everyone needs the comfort of personal connections. “It’s a SAK” (Simple Act of Kindness) reaches out to people in our community who don’t enjoy these basic necessities.

 “It’s a SAK” carries on the tradition of Dennis Gobets, a friend who left us too soon. Dennis regularly reached out to people he saw in need. In addition to giving them a bag of useful items, Dennis would also make a point to say hello, chat a bit, and wish them well. For Dennis, that was the most important part—the personal connection.

What’s a SAK?

We pack donated self-care essentials in custom bags. Though the contents may vary slightly, each SAK contains a blanket, sweater or jacket, gloves, socks, a first-aid kit, toiletries, snacks, notecards and postage, a journal and a pen. We also include a contact list of social services for housing, transportation, food/meals, medical, legal, employment and educational assistance.

How do we work?

We pack SAKs. We put them in our cars. And when we see someone in need, we stop, say “hello,” offer the person a SAK, encourage them to take advantage of available social services, and wish them well.
We make a personal connection.

And then we do it again.


To pick up a SAK, to sew or stuff SAKs, or to donate items contact us at [email protected].


As Dennis once said, “Nothing is better than a new pair of socks”. Each SAK is filled with items to help people live more comfortably and feel better about themselves—including a pair of socks.

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We can’t do it without you

Your donation will help men and women who are homeless or in other difficult circumstances. Though the contents will vary, each SAK will contain items to aid in comfort and health.

Ways you can help

Donate needed items. Please see our list of suggested items [.pdf].
Contribute money to support “It’s a SAK”.

Volunteer your time to make SAKs, fill SAKs, and spread the word.

Most importantly, “It’s a SAK” is our response to how Dennis has inspired us to help others. Your involvement will help spread goodness throughout our local community and beyond.

For more information please contact us at [email protected].
It’s a SAK is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. EIN: 47-1803790.
All donations are tax deductible